Stihl MSA 70 C-BE Compact 12" Cordless Chainsaw Kit (1AK 30 + 1 AL101)


Stihl’s latest lightweight cordless chainsaw. The Stihl MSA 70 chainsaw for cutting firewood and garden maintenance. Soft handle with new Ergo lever for extra comfort, potentiometer, quick, tool-free chain change process due to STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning, QuickStop Super chain brake, oil tank with transparent viewing window, high cutting performance with a 1/4" P – PM3 saw chain.


  • Powerful cordless chainsaw for home use
  • Excellent cutting performance thanks to the 1/4'' PM3 saw chain

    Another awesome machine in Stihl’s AK Cordless Tool range of tools  

    Working time with recommended AK 30 battery is up to 45 minutes/ 210 cuts of 10 x 10 cm timber

     **In Store Deal

    **MSA 70   +  1 x AK30 battery   + 1 AL101 Charger    Offer   £329 inc vat  

    Chain Quick Tensioning (B) 

    After releasing the sprocket cover the chain can be adjusted using a thumb wheel without the need for tools.


    Soft grip control handle

    Thanks to the soft grip on the control handle, the MSA 300 sits comfortably in the hand and can be operated safely. In addition, the users grip is improved by the soft material, which helps when using the MSA 300 in wet conditions.

    Two-handled operation

    The ergonomically shaped handle and rear control handle with comfortable soft-grip component ensure safe working in all operating positions.

    Technical data Value
    K-Factor to Dir. 2006/42/EC 2
    A (8) Daily vibration load - right m/s2 0.9
    Rated current A 30.6
    Oil tank volume cm3 110
    Oil tank volume oz 3.7
    Weight kg 1) 2.9
    Rated voltage V 36
    Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 83
    Sound power level dB(A) 3) 94
    Vibration levels left/right m/s² 4) 3.2/3.4
    Chain gauge 1/4"P
    Recommended battery AK 30
    Working time with AK 10 battery min 5) up to 18
    Working time with AK 20 battery min 5) up to 40
    Working time with AK 30 battery min 5) up to 45