MSA 220 STIHL's powerful cordless chainsaw, with a 14" / 35 cm bar length


The MSA 220 C-BQ,  powerful STIHL cordless chainsaw. Standing above the MSA 200, this saw uses the all new AP 300 S to provide the highest cutting performance of a cordless saw and allows the machine to be used in professional work alongside other professional cordless tools in the much acclaimed STIHL AP System. 

Perfect for, councils, farmers, forestry workers, landscapers, loggers and private users – this cordless chainsaw is the top choice for wood care, small-sized timber felling, limbing, clearing saplings, timber construction, firewood sawing and use alongside a garden chipper.

The Stihl MSA 220 has superb performance when used in conjunction with the AP 300 S. With a chain speed of 24 m/s, the EC Motor allows for fast acceleration of the saw so chain speed can be quickly picked up when needed. This machine can be used in the rain so it is ideal for the British climate throughout the year. Tensioning the chain is easy and can be done without the need for a tool.  


Working time with the AP 300 S battery is up-to 37 minutes.  

Weight kg 1) 3.6
Bar length " 14
Cordless technology AP System
Recommended battery AP 300 S
Rated voltage V 36
Chain gauge 3/8" P
Working time with AP 300 S min 2) up to 37
Working time with AR 2000 min 3) up to 160
Working time with AR 3000 min 3) up to 200
Oil tank volume cm3 209
Recommended bar length cm/inch 35 cm / 14"

1) Without battery, with bar and chain
2) Working times are reference values ​​and may vary depending on the application.
3) Working times can vary depending on use and application