Stihl HTA 50 Domestic cordless pole pruner with a 25 cm / 10" bar length

HTA 50 Options

NEW  the Stihl HTA 50 Lightweight cordless pole pruner with high cutting performance for tree maintenance work in medium-sized to large gardens. This machine fits nicely into the AK battery system, it's fitted with 1⁄4" P – PM3 saw chain and Rollomatic E Mini guide bar. The HTA 50 has side-mounted chain tensioning and a branch hook for easy removal of cuttings from the tree canopy (for use on small branches only ). If you want the ability to cut more and for longer, check out the Stihl HTA 86  

Fitted with a semi-transparent oil tank for quick and easy checks of the oil during use. Also an ergonomic control unit and detachable shaft for easy transport and space-saving storage.

Working time with recommended AK 20 battery is up to 45 minutes / 170 cuts (when sawing 10cm x 10cm timber).

Super machine for use in a domestic / large garden environment.