Stiga CS 100e Kit (10)" Cordless Chainsaw-Battery & Charger Included


The Stiga CS 100e Cordless Chainsaw-

With a powerful 700 W motor, the CS 100e kit chainsaw makes it easy and safe to cut logs. This robust 20V battery chainsaw comes with a top-quality 25cm bar and with manual and inertial chain brake.
  • 700W motor
  •  160 mm maximum cutting width (with tip guard)
  • Tip guard for maximum safety
  • Chain speed 14.5 m/s
  • Only 3.7Kg weight
  • 20V 4 Ah ePower battery and charger included.


If you have to prune one or more branches or to cut logs for your fireplace, the ideal tool is the CS 100e kit, the first STIGA 20V chainsaw. Lightweight- only 3.7Kg -and driven by a powerful 700 W motor, it is kitted with a 4 Ah ePower battery. It can reach up to 14.5 m/s of chain speed with a maximum cutting width of 160 mm, ensuring high quality cuts. Safety is at the highest level thanks to the trigger, the inertial brake and to the tip guard which reduces the risk of kickback. Designed with two ergonomic handles, side and rear, you can care for your garden in a more comfortable and easy way. The chain can be easily tensioned, thanks to the STIGA quick tensioning system.

High cutting capacity 
With 160 mm cutting width, it can perform a minimum of 80 cuts on 100 mm diameter logs (on one charge).
Top quality cuts
Reaching a speed of 14.5 m/s, this Essential product is perfect for domestic cutting jobs.
STIGA ePower
Less noise and vibrations thanks to the STIGA ePower 20V battery.

WARNING: This chainsaw is ideally for use of trained tree service operators . Use without proper training can result in severe injuries.