18" Rapid Micro .325”P 1.6 mm (RM) Chain Loop (74) _ Stihl Pt No 3686 000 0074


18” Rapid Micro .325  1.6 mm (RM)  Chain  Stihl Pt No 3686 000 0074
Comfort saw chain. Low vibration, smooth cutting characteristics, low chatter, efficient cutting performance. With 1.6 mm drive thickness, RM saw chain is fitted to saws such as MS 251 and MS 291 in .325" version, whilst MS 391 uses 3/8" version.

STIHL chainsaw chains are manufactured with Swiss precision in our factory in Wil, Switzerland and have been designed and tested to perfectly match STIHL guide bars and chainsaws. Not only will our chainsaw chain deliver outstanding cutting performance and reliability on STIHL chainsaws, but they also excel on chainsaws from other manufacturers.