16" Rapid Micro .325”P 1.6 mm (RM) Chain Loop (67) - Stihl Pt No 3686 000 0067


16” Rapid Micro .325  1.6 mm (RM)  Chain  Stihl Pt No 3686 000 0067

Comfort saw chain. Low vibration, smooth cutting characteristics, low chatter, efficient cutting performance. With 1.6 mm drive thickness, RM saw chain is fitted to saws such as  MS 291 in .325" version, whilst MS 391 uses 3/8" version.

Every tooth in a STIHL saw chain loop is visually inspected by a team of highly qualified and dedicated employees to ensure that the highest levels of quality are met at all times. Each cutter is carefully made from special steel, whilst the top plate is chromium-plated to increase wear resistance, so they stay sharp for longer.
Our Oilomatic lubricating system means there is less friction and wear on the chain. Fine oil channels in the chain drive links pick up oil from the bar groove and deliver it around the links to the moving parts of the chain.