Super comfort

Get onboard your e-Ride and find out how comfortable and easy it is to take care of your garden with a battery-powered tractor: no fumes, less noise and minimum vibrations on your arms - just the pleasure of taking care of your lawn

Super Smooth Driving  

Thanks to the unique STIGA electric powertrain and the STIGA One Pedal Drive system the acceleration and deceleration run smoothly and effortlessly, and the parking brake is included - all through one pedal!

Super-Efficient & Quiet

Two blade motors, perform a precise neat and efficient cut with minimum noise and vibrations. The electro-mechanical brake and internal blade controller offer maximum safety.

Super Intelligent

The unique Management System is the e-Ride’s brain: it manages all inputs made by the user, checks their status and manages the machine’s output. It also ensures maximum safety by performing regular diagnostics checks

Easiest handling

Easy to drive, thanks to the One Pedal Drive and the electric transmission that delivers smooth movement. The simple and intuitive dashboard makes the tractor easy to manage through the STIGA VMS and to the STIGA app.

Easy maintenance

Being battery-powered means, you can forget about the hassle of replacing parts on the engine: no spark plugs or air filters to change, no oil to drain. The cutting deck can be easily cleaned with a water hose, thanks to the IP65 protection of the blade motor.

Plug in charge up and GO 

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