Looking to keep the your vehicles clean - We are giving away a FREE Foamer Bottle (worth £35)  when you buy a Stihl Pressure Washer. (RE100, RE110, RE120, RE130 & RE140)

               This deal is now on in Store - or call 01380 721575 

This bottle is great when cleaning vehicles, as it increases the cleaning effect. The foam sticks to the vehicle and helps lift the dirt. The spray jet can be adjusted to work vertically or horizontally and by consentration of cleaner 

Choose a machine from the Stihl range of sturdy high powered washers that fits in with your all around the house cleaning, patio, vehicles, paths, furniture drains and gutters.  

         Stihl Pressure Washers start from £129.00 (RE80)

Choose from a great range of accessories to complement these powerful machines. Vehicle Shampoo & Wax, Stone Cleaner, Universal Cleaner, Vehicle Cleaning Sets, Patio Surface Cleaners, Drain Pipe Cleaning Pipe.

Stihl Car Shampoo & WaxStihl Stone Cleaner 5 LtrsStihl Drain Pipe Cleaner Set

Vehicle Shampoo               Stone Cleaner            Drain Cleaner


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