Stihl Garden Shredders 

With all year round lasting benefits for your garden

 You know the problem. Tending the garden can produce large quantities of plant debris. What's the best thing to do with garden refuse like grass cuttings, tree and hedge trimmings, leaves and withered flowers? Save yourself the problem of waste piling up, or costly trips to the tip to dispose of garden waste, and instead make space for a shredder which will pay dividends for years to come. High quality STIHL cutting systems chop up all kinds of garden waste: unwieldy branches and bushy twigs are quickly chopped up into easy-to-handle plant residue which you can simply dispose of or reuse as a compost base.

STIHL Garden Shredder – the 'green' recycler

Shredded cuttings can be recycled to make environmentally friendly compost - a valuable natural fertilizer. You can also use some shredded material as garden mulch. Mulch and compost contain a number of valuable raw materials that supply your garden soil with important nutrients in a totally natural way. So lawns, flowers and bushes thrive splendidly. The STIHL garden shredder – 'green' recycling for the environment, for your garden, for you.

STIHL Garden Shredders – for reliability

You are sure to make a good choice with STIHL garden shredders. Their innovative technology, high reliability and easy handling are the result of more than 25 years' accumulated technical know-how. Our wide range includes models for every application. We have exactly the right machine for your requirement. 

Tip : Shredding garden waste reduces the volume of plant trimmings by an average 75%.

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