V12 VT471 Elk Safety Boot


Looking for a safety boot full of essential safety features? 
VT471 Elk is a boot that protects your toe area from falling objects with a wide-fitting steel toecap. If you’re working in an environment where sharp objects could be lying around, its steel midsole gives your foot all the protection it needs, and staying slip-free on slippery surfaces won’t be a problem with Elk's dual density slip-resistant sole.

You get outstanding comfort and support with a padded collar and padded moisture-wicking lining which ensures feet are kept cool, dry and sweat-free.

We’ve gone even further to give you more ease and comfort though! Large eyelets mean you can lace up quickly and easily, and a bellows tongue ensuring water doesn't enter the boot makes the Elk a perfect budget-supporting piece of safety footwear.
  • Protect your toes with a steel safety toecap
  • Nails/screws lying around? Underfoot protection with a flexible steel midsole
  • Stay safe on slippery surfaces with a dual density slip-resistant sole
  • Sweaty feet? Keep cool and dry thanks to padded moisture-wicking lining
  • Quick and easy to lace up with large eyelets