Premium CT 400 Combi Trailer 400 Kg Capacity


The CT 400 Premium is a Heavy-Duty Plastic dump trailer which can be either towed using a garden tractor / ATV or pushed manually. It has a support caster wheel and a large 400kg capacity. Pneumatic tyres and a tipping facility complete this useful trailer. 

Trailer / Barrow
The trailer can be easily converted from a high capacity trailer to a pedestrian barrow, without the need for tools.

Large Wheels and Tyres
The large diameter wheels with wide pneumatic tyres enable a high carrying capacity as well as reducing ground pressure and improving traction on rough ground.

Tipping Mechanism
The trailer can easily be tipped using a simple lever on the draw bar. This enables easy and accurate dumping of heavy and/or loose materials.

Load Weight 881lbs / 400kg
Carrying Capacity 10 cu. ft. (heaped)
Wheel Size 15/6.00-6
Max. Towing Speed 5mph
Dimensions L 168 x W 94 x H 71cm (in towing position)
Weight 39kg (empty)