Efco TUAREG 92 Evo all terrain mower


All terrain garden tractors are characterized by extreme ruggedness and reliability, qualities recommending them as the ideal machines for clearing and tidying overgrown areas with thick vegetation, typically on uneven and sloping terrain.
•Equipped with a powerful mower attachment having a single rotary swing-tip blade.
•A large tyre footprint and a low center of gravity combine to give the machine maximum stability, even on steeper gradients or near banks and ditches.
•The operator’s task is made easy by a generous array of features: electro-magnetically operated clutch, hydrostatic transmission, lockable differential enabling the machine to negotiate conditions of whatever nature on any type of soil, and centralized cutting height adjustment.
•Maximum operator protection, with roll bar, side-impact guards and seat belts.
•Four-wheel drive models available; ideal for rugged terrain and steep gradients.
•Cruise Control supplied as standard on all models, operated with a lever on TUAREG and with a pushbutton on TONKAWA, to keep tractor speed constant throughout the job.

570 cm³

Engine make/model              
B&S Vanguard V-Twin 

Cutting width
92 cm

Cutting height
50-120 mm, 6 positions

hydrostatic - self-locking differential

Speed (km/h)
from 0 to 8.5 km/h in forward drive - from 0 to 4.5 km/h in reverse

Turning radius
65 cm

Overall dimensions
209x99x98.5 cm

317 Kg