Countax C60 Garden Tractor with 42" Deck & Power Grass Collector


The Countax C60 garden tractor is the most popular garden tractor mower in the Countax range. It is the ideal choice for customers with medium to large gardens, who don’t want to compromise the quality of finish for the convenience of a ride-on lawnmower. Includes 42" IBS Deck & PGC+. (Power Grass Collector)

A host of features, including a powerful 603cc Kawasaki FS481V engine, heavy duty chassis, digital dashboard display and seat enable easy and comfortable mowing.

A range of accessories and attachments turn the C60 garden tractor into a multi-use workhorse.  The optional PGC+(Included) when used with the desired cassette, enables the tractor to go from cutting and collecting grass, to being a scarifier or even a hard surface broom. A transportation box, snowblade and broadcast spreader attachment are also available to tackle year-round garden chores.

Fitted with a 107cm (42”) XRD cutter deck (Included), the C60 garden tractor can operate in conjunction with the PGC+ or as a rough cutter. For tall grass, brambles or nettles, configure the C60 with a 92cm (36”) High Grass Mulching (HGM) deck for added cutting ability.


  • Displacement: 603cc
  • Power (@3600rpm): 9.9kW 
  • Torque: 38.4NM
  • Bore: 73mm
  • Stroke: 72mm
  • RPM: 3000
  • Internally vented carburettor with fuel shut-off solenoid

 Electrically Operated Power Take-Off (PTO) 

 C and B Series tractors feature an electrically operated power take-off (PTO), controlled by a push-button. Operators can choose from three PTO modes:

  • Position 1 engages the cutter deck only – perfect for rough-cutting without collection.
  • Position 2 switches on both the tractor and the PTO to drive the PGC+ – there is no separate lever or control required.
  • Position 3 will operate the PTO only – ideal for driving powered accessories such as the broadcast spreader.


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