AL-KO LSH 520/5 Horizontal Log Splitter


 The LSH 520/5 is an electrically powered hydraulic wood splitter which produces 5 tonnes of splitting force and is capable of splitting logs up to 52cm in length.The elevated position of this model provides a comfortable working height.

With its wide, stable platform, and elevated working position, the LSH 520/5  is perfect for splitting larger quantities of wood without the back-breaking effort involved in using other compact splitters. The large, free-rolling wheels also make the LSH 520/5  easy to transport in and around the garden, even over uneven surfaces.

With its two-handed operation and safety guard, the LSH 520/5  is safe and simple to use. Simply place the log on the splitting beam, and depress the two controls to operate the pushblock. Once the log is split, simply release the controls to return the splitter to its start position, ready to go again.

Double Activated Switches

Increases user safety by only allowing the unit to operate if both switches are simultaneously depressed. 

Transport Wheels

The new wide tyres on the horizontal AL-KO Wood Splitters ensure easy transportation even on uneven terrain, eg concrete, tarmac and lawns.

Stable working

The wide platform of the AL-KO horizontal spiltters ensures a safe and stable operation.

Motor 230V
Power 2200W
Max Split Force 5 Tonne
Max Split Length 52cm
Max Split Diameter 25cm
Cable Length 6 metres
Dimensions 116 x 73 x 110cm
Weight 65kg
Homeowner Warranty 2 Years