Stihl MS 182C-BE Petrol Powered Chainsaw: 40cm Bar, For Gardeners, Landscapers & Homeowners


The NEW STIHL MS 182 C-BE petrol chainsaw is a very powerful petrol chainsaw for homeowners, gardeners and landscapers. Whether you are cutting firewood, doing grounds maintenance, or felling small trees, the MS 182 C-BE delivers plenty of power and is capable of tackling the toughest jobs in this sector.

Powered by a STIHL 2-MIX engine, the MS 182 C-BE has great cutting performance and low fuel consumption. It’s fitted with metal bumper spikes, a 3/8" P saw chain which has high cutting performance thanks to the narrow kerf and available with either a 14” or 16” guide bar. The MS 182 C-BE chainsaw also has Quick Chain Tensioning which makes re-tensioning the saw chain much easier. The STIHL anti-vibration system reduces transmission of vibrations to the handle, which relieves strain on your muscles and joints. The MS 182 C-BE has single-lever operation and is effortless to restart after interruptions thanks to the combi-lever and ErgoStart, which makes restarting the machine easier and more reliable. It’s also fitted with a transparent fuel and oil tank, so you can clearly see when the chainsaw needs a fuel or oil top up, and a primer bulb for reducing the number of starting pulls needed.

 Combi Lever With Stop Function                                                                                                                                                 Quick Chain Tension








Instruction is necessary to recognize or assess the dangers of a chainsaw. Please wear protective clothing and equipment. 

Exterior design of STIHL guide bars are subject to change. Technical specifications remain the same.

  • Petrol chainsaw for cutting firewood and for grounds maintenance
  • Easy handling thanks to the single-lever operation and stop button
  • Simple start-up thanks to manual fuel pump and STIHL ErgoStart
  • Chain is easy to re-tension thanks to the STIHL quick chain tensioning system

Bar length 35-40 cm
Bar length 14-16 in
Displacement 35.8 cm³
Capacity 2.18 cu-in
Power output 1.6/2.2 kW/bhp