Cobra LR40 20" Hand Propelled Garden Roller


The Cobra LR40 garden roller has been designed for easy operation and exceptional coverage. The 50cm / 20" roller drum can be filled with either sand or water and has folding handles.
  • Cobra Garden Rollers take the hard work
    out of maintaining your garden. Every Cobra garden roller has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for the changing conditions of the British garden.
  • Roller with 'Soft Grip' handle bar
    Take the effort out of rolling your lawn
    Every Cobra garden roller comes equipped with comfort handles to take the stress out of rolling your lawn. The upper handles come with a "Soft Grip" feature for your increased comfort whilst rolling. The upper and lower handles can be easily folded for ease of storage.
  • LR40 Garden Roller with scraper bar Can be filled with either water or sand
    The Cobra LR40 garden roller with its one piece steel drum and drain plug has large 50cm / 20" rolling width so you can cover large areas quickly and efficiently. The roller can be filled either with sand to give it a weight of 120kg, or with water to give a weight of 72kg. The roller is fitted with a scraper bar which prevents debris from building up on the rolling surface of the drum.
  • Specification:
› Max. Capacity: 120kg (Sand)
› Max. Capacity: 72kg (Water)
› Working Width: 50cm / 20"
› Drum Diameter: 42cm / 16"
› Drum: Drain plug included
› Scraper Bar: Full Width / Handles: Folding with soft grip
› Domestic Warranty: 2 Year
› Weight: 13kg (Empty)