Stihl HSA 50 Cordless Hedge Trimmer-AK System- with 50/60 cm blades

HSA 50 OPtions


The Stihl HSA 50, lightweight and quiet cordless hedge trimmer for trimming bushes, shrubs, and medium-sized hedges. Laser-cut, diamond-ground and hardened blades, blade geometry in a patented teardrop shape for perfect cuts and a healthy hedge. Comfortable and effortless work due to optimum power tool balance, ergonomically shaped control handle, loop handle with inner switch, and low weight. Screw-on blade tip protector to prevent wear when working near the ground or along walls.   

  • Individual tool with or with out battery and charger
  • Lightweight cordless hedge trimmer with excellent cutting performance
  • For trimming bushes and hedges in residential areas

Technical data Value
Blade length cm 50/60
Weight kg 1) 2.9
Total length cm 101
Rated voltage V 36
Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 78
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 89
Vibration value, left m/s2 4) 2
Vibration value, right m/s2 4) 1.6
Stroke rate rpm 2.800
Tooth spacing mm 30
Working time with AK 10 battery min 5) up to 50
Working time with AK 20 battery min 5) up to 100