Stihl FSA 80R Cordless Brushcutter – (AK Battery System)

FSA 80 R Options

The STIHL FSA 80 R is a battery-powered brushcutter designed for tackling the toughest mowing, cutting and clearing jobs you may face in your home garden. The FSA 80 R is battery powered and as such has low noise emissions – so you don’t have to worry about disturbing any neighbours either!


  • Powerful cordless brushcutter for homeowners
  • Individual tool without battery and without charger
  • Variable speed control in two levels
  • Loop handle supports mowing in tight spaces
  • For use in noise-sensitive areas
  • Can be used with a range of cutting tools

    FSA 80 R Tool Only fitted with- Autocut 27-2 Mowing Head

    Fitted with a new style loop handle that has a quick-mounting system, meaning you can adjust the handle to your height for an ergonomic working position. This handle also makes mowing on slopes, around trees or on uneven terrains even easier. The FSA 80 R has a powerful brushless EC motor and speed-adjustment on the control handle, which can be set at 2 different speed settings. There is an ECO mode (level 1), for simple tasks such as trimming lawn edges, which results in lower energy consumption for extended battery life. And there is full speed mode (level 2), for mowing thicker grass, which will use more of the battery energy.

    The FSA 80 R is supplied with a basic harness and the AutoCut 27-2 as standard, but can also be fitted with other STIHL cutting tools, such as the TrimCut, DuroCut, PolyCut and GrassCut cutting tools.

    Rated voltage 36 V
    Weight 4.8 kg
    Sound pressure level 81 dB(A) 1)
    Sound power level 94 dB(A) 1)
    Vibration value, left, with line head 5.2 m/s2 2)