After the hot weather and droughts of summer, lush green lawns all around the country turn into baron, dry patches. However, believe it or not and contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the grass dying. It was in fact the grass going into a state of dormancy to protect itself, therefore allowing the grass to focus its energy on keeping the roots alive. 

A key point to remember is that grass is one of the most resilient plants on earth. If a drought does occur again, simply leave the grass well alone and don’t mow your grass or use any lawn care products. If you’re lucky your lawn will usually recover rapidly with renewed rainfall after the drought. If not, simply wait until the heat wave passes and begin your lawn care routine again.

Steps to rejuvenate your Summer Lawn

Use a rake or scarifier to remove the loose material from the grass and give it a generous water. If the ground is hard, use a lawn areator or garden fork to create holes into the ground. This will help to aid water absorption. The amount of water you use is dependent on how much rain fall you have had. If a hosepipe ban has been in place, check your local council website for more information.

Rule of thumb

  • Keep off the grass as much as possible
  • Move toys, rugs and furniture off the lawn
  • Raise the blades on your lawnmower
  • Allow lawn clippings to drop back into the sward
  • Don’t apply lawn treatments during a drought
  • Plan your autumn lawn renovations – they’ll help your lawn to recover after the hot weather

When the time is rite,  hire a lawn scarifier and lawn areator  Give us a call 

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