Throughout the whole winter, it's important to keep your lawn free of debris and leaves which could starve the grass of light and weaken it. These are the basic tasks you should be carrying out to care for your grass in February, but what if you'd like to do some extra lawn maintenance tasks?

During February, you should focus on things that will improve the quality of your grass when it starts to grow again in spring.

If you want to smarten up your lawn, you can cut in the lawn edges during February. This will create a much tidier appearance during the winter and save you some time as the weather gets warmer.

If your grass looks like it needs a cut in February, and the ground is not too wet, then your lawn will benefit from a high cut. Although lawn growth will be slow at this time of year, a high cut will remove the top of the grass blades and encourage new, healthy growth. 

Winter is also a good time to clean and service your lawn mower ready for it to work hard in the coming months. Clean the outside, underside and the mower blades (with care!). Check mower blades are sharp and look out for any dents. Tighten nuts and bolts if necessary. Better still, book your lawnmower in for a service, give us a call 01380 721575. Servicing your lawn mower in the winter months means that the spring cuts will be as kind to the grass as possible.

Aerating the lawn with a garden fork or use an areator machine, is a good task for winter as it helps improve drainage and soil compaction. It can also help oxygen to circulate. Only carry out this job if the ground is dry enough and there is no frost. Hire a Lawn Aerator: Call Shire Tool Hire Devizes 01380 721575

 Good Time To Spike Your Lawn

                      (Cores of soil removed with Lawn Areating Machine)

Scarifying your lawn in the winter months is not recommended. The cold weather and frozen soil mean that carrying out this task could cause more damage to the lawn than good, so it's best avoided. It's best to remove thatch when the grass is in a healthy state of growth and can recover quickly.

                              Lawn Areator in sunnier times

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