‘Stihl Cordless Deal-Spring 2024’
FREE 2nd AP Battery (AP200 or AP300s)
When purchased with machine-before 30/6/24

The promotion launches 15th March and runs until 30th June 2024 where you can

“Buy a Stihl AP System Tool and AP 200 or AP 300 S battery and get another of the same battery FREE!”

This is a cracking deal-boost your running time by 100%
 and SAVE £155 to £288 
Stihl Cordless pole prunerStihl Cordless ChainsawStihl Cordless hedge trimmer

STIHL Battery Technology

 STIHL’s leading battery technology:

• High watt hours (Wh) and power at a low relative weight.

• High watt hours are a good indicator of long working time.

• Constant power throughout the battery discharge with no loss commonly found with battery tools.

• Excellent balance and handling as the battery is designed to fit within the tool.

• A wide variety of tools and batteries in the AP System covering Arboriculture, forestry and landscaping tasks.

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