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Stihl Kombi Systems

All jobs one power unit

One engine - Multi tool System!

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Stihl KM 56 RC-E engineStihl Kombi SystemKombi in the gartden

Stihl KM 56 RC-E Power Unit

The lightest STIHL KombiEngine for use around the house and garden ...

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Stihl KM 94 R-CE Engine

STIHL KM 94 R-CE Power Unit

Professional quality power unit with ErgoStart and ECOSPEED...

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Stihl KM 100 R Power Unit

Stihl KM 100 R Power Unit

Highly competitive very powerful KombiEngine for demanding and frequent applications...

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Stihl KM130R Kombi Engine

Stihl KM 130 R Power Unit

Top performance STIHL KombiEngine for heavy duty use...

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Stihl KM-AC Kombi Mowing Head

Stihl FS-KM Mowing Head

Ideal for thining along walls or fences, under hedges or along borders...

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Stihl Kombi KMMB Blade SystemStihl KMMB Kombi Metal Blade System Stihl Kombi System

Stihl FS-KM Cutting Blade

Used for mowing heavy grass and weeds....

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Stihl Kombi KMHL135 Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Stihl HL-KM Adjustable Hedge Trimmer

Ideal for cutting tall hedges from a comfortable position on the ground....

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Stihl KM-HT Kombi PrunnerStihl KM-HT Kombi Prunner

Stihl HT-KM Pole Prunner

Stihl long reach pruner makes quick work of pruning trees and shrubs from the ground...

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Stihl KM-FH Kombi Scrub CutterStihl KM-FH Kombi Scrub Cutter

Stihl FH-KM Scrub Cutter

Enables comfortable cutting near the ground and mowing work in narrow spaces....

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Stihl KM-BG Kombi Blower

Stihl BG-KM Blower

Stihl Kombi Blower. Clear paths and open areas of leaves and grass cuttings quickly and easily....

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Stihl KM-BF Kombi Pick Tines

Stihl BF-KM Pick Tines

The Stihl pick tine Kombi Tool helps you to aerate and cultivate soil in tight areas. ...

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KM-KB Stihl Power BrushStihl KM-KB Bristle Brush

Stihl KB-KM Bristle Brush

Stihl Bristle Brush from the Kombi Range.Ideal for sweeping paths, patios and driveways. ...

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