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Saws (Wood & Masonary)

Sawing and cutting equipment that creats a quality finish

Circular Saws, Chainsaws, Petrol Masonary Cutters.


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Roses of Devizes disc cutterDisc cutter Tool hire Devizes

For on-site cutting of blocks, bricks, tiles, paving, asphalt and steel

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Reciprocating Saw - Roses of DevizesPipe cutting Devizes

A versatile saw for cutting wood, plastic, steel piping and sheet materials

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Door Trimmer Hire -DevizesDoor trimming -Roses of Devizes

Invaluable help with those saw jobs that come up in the installation of floor coverings.

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Powered Jigsaw Hire-DevizesJigsaw-Roses of Devizes

For cutting straight lines or shapes in materials such as metal, wood and plastics.

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Chainsaw Hire-DevizesHire a Chainsaw-Roses of Devizes

 A range of petrol and electric chainsaws.


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