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4 Wheel Drive Power

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Countax B250 4TRAC

The All New Countax B250 - four-wheel drive tractor with a powerful Kawasaki engine. Call for todays DEAL ...

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Available options

The new B250 4TRAC garden tractor is a Countax tracor with the added benefit of four-wheel drive. Combine this with 54.3NM of torque provided by the Kawasaki engine, and this tractor becomes a formidable force in any garden with slopes or difficult terrain.


Many British gardens feature slopes or areas where the terrain is uneven or prone to getting water logged. In such circumstances, the B250 4TRAC excels. Featuring 4TRAC technology, the B250 uses Dynamic Traction Control to sense where grip is required and apply the right amount of drive to the wheels. Electronic Slope Alert, part of the tractor’s OMS function will alert you with an audible and visual warning before an incline too great for safe mowing is reached.


Fitted with a 122cm (48") XRD cutter deck, the B250 can operate in conjunction with the Powered Grass Collector or as a rough cutter. To tackle dense grass, brambles or nettles, configure the B250 with a 92cm (36") High Grass Mulching deck.


The B Series is a tractor that can be used all-year-round. The core benefits of cutting and collecting in the wet, striping a lawn and the unique attachments that fit to the Countax makes the B Series a tractor of choice for thousands of customers. 


For over 27 years Countax has led the way is design and manufacture of ride on lawnmowers. The B60 features a hydrostatic transmission that is silky smooth, and offers infinitely variable speed. It's cast front axle adds strength to the tractor where it is needed. It has a manual deck lift that enables the cutting height to be adjusted from 12mm up to 101mm through ten incremental settings. The Electric Power Take Off enables you to run a variety of powered attachments and accessories, including a scarifier and powered broadcast spreader. Its Operating Management System provides information on the performance and operation of the garden tractor. This system ensures optimum speed, performance and economy.


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92cm (36") High Grass Mulch Deck

122cm (48") XRD Deck 

Power Grass Collector (PGC)


FR730V Kawasaki Twin Cylinder 726cc


4 Trac

Standard Cutter Deck

122cm XRD

High Grass Mulch Deck


Cutter Height Settings

12mm - 101mm

PGC (Optional)


Power Take-off

Standard (Electric Engage)




Colour Digital Display

Electronic Slope Alert


Fuel Tank


Wheel Size

41cm / 51cm


187 x 127 x 114cm